Small business website design
Small ideas can lead us to big places.

Perhaps you have an idea for a website but need someone to build it, or you have a small business and think you can’t afford one. Maybe you have a good website design, but think it needs a face lift. Don’t worry, affordable, small business website design is available.

Websites are very important to commerce and smart website design can make a big impact on sales; however, it’s not always easy to find the time or money to build or maintain a website when you’re putting most of your focus into running your day-to-day operation.

That’s why I enjoy building sites for local businesses with smaller budgets. Affordability and quality belong together, and you should get to choose the things your website needs rather than having to blow your budget on a site. Small business website design shouldn’t be an obstacle.

If you aren’t sure what you need, that’s okay; I would enjoy hearing about your vision.

If you’re thinking of growing your online presence, contact me for a free consultation. Let’s see how far you can go!


Affordable Website Design Phoenix
Hi! Let’s Chat about Affordable Website Design.

My name is Leah Wolfe.
I offer affordable website design, web content, and social media services for local small businesses in Phoenix.

The Midwest is my childhood home, but I came out west to escape the cold. I spent a few years doing construction and corporate security work, but had to go home to care for family. I worked service and manufacturing positions before taking over the marketing for a local restaurant. There I quickly learned CMS, social media, ad-buying, event planning, and some basic layout and graphic design.

During that time I earned an AS in Landscape Maintenance (loving the way it combines dirt and design) and an AA in Liberal Arts with an emphasis in creative writing. I turned that into a BA in English from the University of Iowa and a love for British history.

I finally returned to the dry mountain air and to more corporate cubicle work as a favor to a friend. When she left, I left. Now I walk dogs and make new friends.

Making new friends means opportunities to also meet lots of business owners. If you think you might be in the market for an affordable website design, Phoenix, contact me via email or find me on social media.


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Thank you for your interest in affordable website design and web content. Leave your message in the form below, and I will respond as soon as possible. Be sure to ask about discounts for non-profits!

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