3 WordPress Plug-Ins for New Users

Plug-ins are third-party software add-ons that expand the functionality of a platform. For example, a user may have a business site and want to add monetary transaction features, another user might want to boost their site security. WordPress makes it easy to find them by including a Plugins section in the wp-admin menu, a helpful feature for new WordPress users. For those just starting out with non-commerce sites, here are a few recommendations.
1.  WP-Optimize 3.0.12 is a good plugin for users who obsess over speed and storage space, but do not have time to do the cleaning themselves. As a user builds a site, the data from changes piles up: new images need compressing, older saved versions of pages need deleting, and data needs rearranging to optimize the space it inhabits. Cleaning up the MySQL database allows for faster information retrieval and a thus faster site operation. Selective and easy task scheduling makes the process a set-it-and-forget-it kind of tool that saves users a lot of stress and time.

2. Another time-saving plugin is the Redirection plugin. Redirects are important in making sure visitors get to a user’s site when a page is changed, deleted, etc. If the user clicks on a link to a page that isn’t there, and gets no redirect, the user is likely to just stop looking for the site altogether. That translates to missed clicks, and maybe missed jobs or sales. However, keeping up with redirects can be time-consuming. The Redirection plugin takes some of the burden off the site’s builder by managing them as well as handling 404 errors. It also has automated alerts, monitoring of permalink changes, and a way to make redirecting visitors dependent on certain criteria such as which browser they are using or what cookies are active.

3. New users may want a way to interact with site visitors that is more extensive than a simple mail:to link or comment box. A Contact Form is a good tool to get better information from visitors, more detailed queries from visitors, and more stylized information from visitors. For example, some sites might need only basic contact info, some might be posting job applications, and some might need both. The Contact Form plugin lets a site owner not only tailor their forms to their specific needs, but it also lets a builder easily create and save multiple forms using HTML and pre-formatted tags. This plugin also has an added reCAPTCHA integration for WordPress users who have Google accounts.

Crello Software Review

Crello is a free design application that allows you to create static and animated images ( quickly. You can make ads, promos, coupons, notices, social media banners, simple forms, and more. Clean graphics, short GIF-like videos, and a simple editor keep the application light and agile. Creations come together in minutes, even seconds for advanced users.

Crello is has enough pre-loaded content to compete with bigger builders like Adobe, but it does not intimidate users with multi-step processes or complicated layers. Click, drag, type, done! Built-in options limit overthinking and most images and text work well together, which makes for faster designing. A larger pool of users increases the generation of ideas and keeps content fresh.

Busy designers, telecommuters, and multi-taskers will appreciate the application’s portability. Great designs are possible from most devices, which makes it a useful tool for mobile users and users with little or no experience. It also helps smaller businesses compete without the luxury of a design team.

Since Crello software is free, it is ready to use as soon as the web page loads. There is an account sign-up option for purchasing paid (Pro) elements and saving designs. Paid elements average $0.99. Since Crello is an online software, you can open your phone’s browser and design while using the café’s free-wi-fi.

If Crello continues to perform this well and provide new material as design trends change, it should remain relevant for a long time.